Let Kendall Bell customize a workshop for your group
-- no matter how large or how small

Bell, an award-winning journalist, is the author of two books and his agent has Bell’s mystery novel currently under consideration by several New York publishing houses. Bell, who has been published in magazines including Writer’s Digest, is a member of the Southern Book Critics Circle, is highly sought after for his entertaining, yet informative workshops.

Select Between Five Workshops:

(1) So, You want to Write a Book:

This workshop is for the person who has a desire to write but doesn’t know where to begin. Topics include Getting Started, Should You Self-Publish?, Do You Need an Agent?, Fonts, Choosing the Correct Format, Contracts and Rights, and many others. After participating in this workshop writers will be prepared to begin their novel.

(2) After Your Manuscript is sold:

Writing a book is only half of the battle. Learn what must be done between the time the manuscript sells and the book is published. Includes an easy-to-read timeline.

(3) Promoting Your Book:

Many writers, especially first-time authors, are surprised to learn the publisher isn’t going to send them on an all-expense paid book tour. Learn what you can do to drastically increase sales. This session is also excellent for self-published authors and those published by regional presses.

(4) Getting Book Reviews: The Do’s and Dont’s:

Getting a reviewer to consider your book can be daunting. Many newspapers and magazines today no longer have a fulltime book reviewer on staff and either rely on reporters or freelancers to fill the void. Bell uses his experience as a book reviewer and member of the Southern Book Critics Circle to show authors how to increase the number of book reviews in newspapers, magazines and trade publications.

Also includes a section titled The Anatomy of a Press Kit. Participants will learn the question authors should NEVER ask a reviewer.

(5) Writing for Magazines and Newspapers:

This workshop is for the person who wants to get into freelance writing. Bell shows how to pitch an idea to editors and discusses the kinds of stories editors constantly look for. As a newspaper editor and successful freelancer, Bell knows what it takes to break into this lucrative business.

Here’s what others say about Bell’s workshops:

From the Pandhandle Profession Writers – Amarillo, Texas:

“Great handouts!”

“Love your ethics!”

“Thank you so much! I thought getting the novel published was the difficult part!”

“I enjoyed (the) workshop thoroughly and came away feeling much more prepared to publish my book someday!”

“ … A day well spent!”

“Super! I hope (you come) again!”

Comments are from critique sheets received after the workshop.

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